Best Skid Steer Tires

Best Skid Steer Tires in 2022 (TOP 10 Reviewed)

Looking for the best skid steer tires? There are various types of skid tires that are available in various countries for different purposes. The manufacturers of skid tires are always focusing on making a universal tire that can be used for different landscapes like snow, hard surface, and mud. It is often important to pick the right component that will suffice the usage of the tire that is being used.

So, the first question that comes to our mind is, what actually is the work of a skid steer tire? Well, Skid steer tires enable the vehicle to lift heavy loads while at the same time giving important adhesion to the terrain beneath the wheels. There are various kinds of wheels available within the market but the R-4 is considered to be the best tire suited for dirt and mud. In the next section, we will have a peep at some of the best skid steer tires that are perfect to work in mud and different configurations that are available when it comes to tires.

There are overwhelmingly different varieties of tires that are available, the choice often depends on the choice that the buyer makes. From a buyer’s perspective of view, the buyer is always interested in buying something cheap that is also durable, this buying strategy may be effective in buying various different products that are available in the market, but it can’t be applied while buying a skid steer tire.

It is often seen that If you buy a cheap tire, you will end up wasting more money and more of your valuable time because you will have to keep changing the tires over and over a period of time as they are not durable as they should have been. Skid steer tires are used in various different aspects like they are used is construction, demolition, standard use, etc. According to the company, A low-profile LRH tire will need at least 110 psi, some as much as 120 psi.

Pressures of 105 psi are fine with 12,000-pound steer-axle loads but maybe 10-20 psi underinflated in 13,200-pound steer-axle loads. These pressure readings should be considered before buying as they play an important role in doing different work. Also, tires have their own capability of lifting weight, this point should also be considered.

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Top 10 Best Skid Steer Tires You Can Buy

Best Skid Steer Tires Reviewed

1)Hi-Run LG Turf Lawn & Garden Tire-20/800-8:

Hi-Run LG Turf Lawn & Garden Tire

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This is the most frequently used turf lawn and garden tire, It consists of closely packed tread blocks that provide great traction and balance, the tires are highly durable and provide a maximum load capacity of 600 pounds. These tires are pneumatic air-filled tires. It can be mounted easily. The lubrication of tires can be done easily because of which the tires can be fitted easily.

They are durable in nature. And wide design provides minimum damage to the turf and law.

If you are looking for great traction and balance this tire is for you, the closely packed tread blocks allows great traction and hence suitable for you if you are looking for the same.


  • Durable tires
  • Pneumatic in natures
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to use after installations


  • The gap between the tire bead and rim is 3 inches making it difficult to inflate.
  • Additional tubes might be needed

2)MARASTAR 20402-2pk 11×4.00-5 Smooth Universal Mower Tire Assembly 20402, Black

MARASTAR 20402-2pk 11x4.00-5 Smooth Universal Mower Tire Assembly

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The tires come in a 2 pack- 11*4.00 type, the threading available is pneumatic. The center wheel is made up of solid grey steel and has sintered iron bushings. It has Nylon spacers and steel washers that are available in 2 numbers. It has a universal adapter kit to accommodate alternative hub lengths. The weight of the product is around 22.2 pounds. The product dimensions are 10.4 * 4.1 * 10.4 inches.

Maintenance is always a hassle in tires and maintain the tread blocks but the company claims it to be very easy to get replaced and also lower cost to repair.


  • Adapters available
  • Durable tires
  • Easy to setup


  • Fitting not up to the mark

3)STARMAXX (1) 10-16.5 NHS, 10×16.5 NHS Skid Steer Loader Tire, 8 PLY

STARMAXX 10-16.5 NHS, 10x16.5 NHS Skid Steer Loader Tire, 8 PLY

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The product dimensions are 35 * 20 *35 inches, these tires are used in patios, lawns, and gardens, they can be easily fitted within a short duration of time. They have deep design traction that helps in easy moving over the soil.

Another important feature is it has side walls or rim guar reinforcement for better durability. Like most tires these tires in pneumatic in nature too.

Skid-steer loaders bring overall performance to new heights and are built to tackle the rigors of bigger, more difficult jobs. They also include a long list of comfort features that help operators spend more time in their machines to maximize productivity.


  • Setup is easy
  • As they are pneumatic less jerk inside the cabin.


  •  Returning of the items may be difficult as per the rules and regulations

4) Tracks Plus Steel Skid-Steer Tracks for Bobcat 800 series (except 873) – 1 Pair, Model Number T-1200N/38

TracksPlus Steel Skid-Steer Tracks

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There are Two strong steel tracks that will give the skid loader the traction to overpower the uneven land. The material used is Constructed of tough Marbain material for long-lasting strength. The tires can easily work up to 1800 hours of use – and improved loader stability. Easy-on in 20 minutes, easy-off in 10.

The product type of this tire Track is, It can be used for moving heavy objects and debris as it is durable in nature holes are not formed easily on the tires Spacer Part Required. No spacer is required, they work fine without any spacer parts, they are widely compatible with Bobcat 800 series, the rim of the tire is made up of steel because of which the fitting can be easily done. With a specific procedure that is followed for fitting most of the skid steer tires, these tires can be easily set.


  • Durable in nature
  • Threads are available
  • Easy fit in and take off of tire can be done


  • Expensive

5)Stens 165-200 18×8.50-10 Trac Chief Tire

Stens 165-200 18x8.50-10 Trac Chief Tire

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Tread is used in these tires. Tire and wheel solutions for homeowner and grounds care professional applications can be used for heavy activities, Tire Tread that is used here is Trac Chief, The tire Size is  18×8.50-10, the  Ply material that is used is of good quality, The tire has the Rim Size of  10″, Max PSI is about 22

Max Load Capacity that the tires can withstand is about 830 pounds. Tubeless tires are used on skid steers, backhoes, subcompact tractors, aerial platform lifts, and rough terrain forklifts, Proven rubber compounds and tread designs get the job done easily, Tire and wheel solutions for homeowner and grounds care professional applications. The tires are fitted with pneumatic properties making the cabinet jerk-free.


  • Pneumatic tires
  • The load can be lifted easily


  • Returning of the items may be difficult as per the rules and regulations

6)Tracks Plus Steel Skid-Steer Tracks for Bobcat 700 series, S130, S150, S175, S185, and S205-1 Pair, Model Number T-1000B/34

TracksPlus Steel Skid-Steer Tracks

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All the Tracks Plus steel skid tires have the same characteristics. Two strong steel tracks, Constructed of tough Marbain material for long-lasting strength. It is the Bobcat 700 series, Spacer Part Required is 8 lug, 9/16 x 1 7/8 stud in the color red, Product Type is it can be used on Track and the material used is Steel. The tires are Lightweight, and it gives less ground pressure for traction & flotation

It has Modular simplicity. It has Replaceable parts: Track, Link, and Bolt/Lock Washer/Nut. The Wheel spacers are available to extend your track outboard if needed. Available for skid steer wheelbases from 35″ to 55″, for nearly any model skid steer.

High-quality stampings with 3TPlus heat-treating provide the hardest long-wearing tracks available. Hardness at 48-52 Rockwell. Tracks are adjustable as there are two holes per link. Tighten up or expand by selecting the link holes for a perfect fit.


  • Durable in nature
  • Threads are available
  • Easy fit in and take off of tire can be done


  • Bit Expensive

7)Carlisle Ultra Guard Industrial Tire -12-16.5

Carlisle Ultra Guard Industrial Tire -12-16.5

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The Carlisle brand of specialty tires and wheels provides a comprehensive product portfolio for lawn and garden, ATV/ UTV, trailers/haulers, agriculture, construction, industrial, and tube/flap market segments. Driven by ingenuity and innovation, our Carlisle branded tires deliver utility for your workday and performance for your adventures. Carlisle ultra-guard LT12/00R16. 5 tires.

It incorporates an open shoulder design with a tried and tested, super-rugged, heavy-duty construction. In other words, it is built specifically for tough conditions. The sidewall tires are an inch thick. It can be easily used both on snow and mud that makes it more valuable.

Great for off-road capabilities with its open shoulder design and super rugged heavy-duty construction to maneuver you through tough conditions.


  • Durable in nature
  • Threads are available                          
  • Can lift more than 300 pounds


  • Cannot be used on an unpaved road

8)Set of 4 New ZEEMAX Heavy Duty 10-16.5/12PR G2 Skid Steer Tires for Bobcat w/Rim Guard

Set of 4 New ZEEMAX Heavy Duty 10-16.5-12PR G2 Skid Steer Tires

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4 New ZEEMAX Heavy Duty 10-16.5/12PR Skid Steer Tire for Bobcat w/ Rim Guard. All of our tires are brand new, with first quality and have never been mounted. This tire has been wholesaling by large volume to trailer manufacturers and tire dealers nationwide. It has some special qualities that make it worth the try.

It can be used for moving land and can be used to move debris or rocks, as it is a heavy-duty tire the load that can lift is around 5240lbs. It has threads and pneumatic applications, thus making it easier to use.

One thing that we are a fan of this tire is the deep tread design that is specifically designed to resist gouging and cutting and heavy-duty 10 plies with rim guard to protect your wheels and maintaining superior stablity.

Tire Specifications

  1. Tire Size: 10-16.5
  2. Brand: ZEEMAX
  3. Pattern: G2
  4. Ply Rating: 12
  5. Overall Diameter: 30.4″
  6. Section Width: 10.4″
  7. Tread Depth: 0.71″
  8. Max Load – Single Tire: 5240lbs@90psi


  • Durable in nature
  • Threads are available
  • Diameter is less so inflating of the tier is easy
  • They have reinforced sidewalls that help with damage protection hence an assurance of long-lasting


  • Sidewalls are easily ripped

9)Summit Flat Proof 10 X 16.5 Skid Steer Tires W/Rims Cat Deere Bobcat Gehl Solid

Summit Flat Proof 10 X 16.5 Skid Steer Tires

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Set of FLAT PROOF 10×16.5 Skid steer Tires & Rims. This is for a set of four (4) brand new tires and rims. FLATPROOF tires and rims that we sell are very high-quality and are made to fit every brand of skid steer that accepts 8-hole rims. The tires are bonded to the rim, they work perfectly in any application, ranging from demolition, concrete, asphalt, lawn work, etc.

These skid steer tires are tear-resistant and have very deep tread to provide a very long-lasting tire and great traction!  Essentially these versatile tires are designed to fit any brand of skid steer that allows eight-hole rims.

The tires are irreversibly bonded to the rim, unlike other brands which are usually pressed onto each other. This will guarantee you of no slippage from the rim. Therefore, the tires will last longer as cases of damage will be reduced. If the sidewall holes are too large, as soon as you pick up a heavy load, the tire could fold.

The overall outside diameter is 31″. They work perfectly on both paved and unpaved roads. They are durable in nature and can be used in extreme conditions.


  • Durable in nature
  • Easy fit in and take off of tire can be done
  • Diameter fitting is easy
  • The tires have deep treads that help in avoiding unnecessary punctures and flat tires and also increase the traction during the movement.


  • Rim slippage can take place.

There are numerous considerations that should be made while buying skid steer tires. With the help of these considerations, you will be able to buy a perfect tire that is durable, purpose-serving, and well as pocket-friendly.


  • Industry-specific needs: What type of skid tires are actually to be used depends on what actual work that the tires are doing, there is a plethora of work when it comes to industry-specific needs, like can it climb uphill or can it carry the dirt it is strong enough to march om a rough land, etc. You also need to pick the tread design and the compound while purchasing a tire.
  • Pneumatic tires: These types of tires tend to often give more support and ease of driving to the driver. These tires are helpful when the landscape is filled with the debris of rocks, pointed objects, etc. With the help of its cushioning ability, the no jerk is felt inside of the vehicle
  • Different tread design options:  This option is to be considered when the tires are to be used on roadways, this is used to minimize the impact on the landscape. If you are driving over mud, gravel, sand, dirt, or loose material, you’ll need deeper treads, which give you better traction. Some options are Off-road treads, On-road treads, All-terrain treads, etc.
  • Check the wear:  This is a point that is to be considered after the tires are used for a long time, checking the tires if they have any hole’s cracks or a missing tread should be replaced as the tires may fail any time soon.  Also, keep in mind that more massive machines put higher pressure on the tires and need replacements sooner than smaller skid steers.

These are some of the points that should be considered before buying skid steer tires. As already mentioned, there are various skid steer tires in the market below are some of the best skid tires put in use.

Different configurations of Skid Steer Tires

Tires are considered to be one of the most important assets when speed, durability are to be considered, when this factor is taken into consideration different types of tires and their applications are taken into considerations.

Whether the work is done on a plain landscape or in mud, or on a steep hill, etc, the applications of tires are important. There are many different configurations available and some of them are:

1. Standard Pneumatic

Standard pneumatic tires provide a cost-effective option for light to medium duty applications. Made of high-quality natural rubber, these tires provide a long wear life they are puncture resistant and also helps the cabinet to remain jerk-proof as the tires give a cushion effect. It has many applications like Material handling, stockpiling, Light excavation, Rental, Agriculture, and road maintenance.

2. Premium Pneumatic:

These types of tires are suitable for most general duties, but they have some extra protection that makes them durable and gives it an extra layer of protection. They have the same application as that of the standard pneumatic tires.

3. Flotation tire:

These tires are different from the above-mentioned tires, they are designed with a larger footprint and tight tread patterns, making them ideal for extreme soft work.  Flotation tires are available with several tread designs and configurations to suit the needs of any application where high flotation is required. They can do the general work of excavating and landscaping

4. Severe Duty:

Designed for heavy-duty applications, severe-duty tires work well in heavy mud as well as hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. These tires are typically constructed using a heavy-duty wear-resistant compound to allow an operator to work efficiently on the most severe ground surfaces. They are used for excavating abrasive surfaces, they can even do material handling as these tiers can uphold heavy materials of more than 500 Pounds.

It can be even used in road maintenance projects. Designed with extra deep tread and a larger lug-to-void ratio, severe duty tires are particularly resistant to punctures. This large-tread design also provides superior self-cleaning when used in heavy mud.

5. Super Severe:

These types of tiers are known as mining tires, they are called severe tires because of the load they can hold, It has some of the best features like solid center rims and bead-to-bead wire reinforcing that provides even greater durability.

They can work on abrasive surfaces, heavy mud, as well as hard surfaces. It has many applications like cold planning, forestry, Mining Stockpiling, etc.

6. Non-Pneumatic Tires:

Non-pneumatic, or solid tires, are constructed using highly engineered rubber compounds for increased durability and wear resistance. Since they are solid, these tires eliminate the possibility of flats due to punctures or other damage. Non-pneumatic, or solid tires, are constructed using highly engineered rubber compounds for increased durability and wear resistance. Since they are solid, these tires eliminate the possibility of flats due to punctures or other damage. Applications include Concrete, Quarries Mining, Scrap yards, etc.

7. Non-Pneumatic Flexible Tires:

Similar to solid non-pneumatic tires, these tires improve ride comfort with multiple apertures in the tire, which deflect and provide some cushion as the machine operates. This design provides similar added durability, weight, stability, and increased operating capacities, but with added flex for operator comfort and smoother operation. They have applications in Industries, Quarries mining, Steel Mills, and many underground applications.

8. Conventional solidSmooth solid

Great for dry, hard surface applications that include warehouses, industrial plants, and waste management locations, smooth solid skid steer tires are crafted from cut-resistant rubber and are reportedly capable of carrying 40% more than pneumatic tires in some cases. Great for loading or digging, they’re available with a narrow or wide base – with narrow intended for higher loading applications and wide offering better stability and flotation. These tires are the most frequently used tired and they are used for various other different works that include lightweight work to heavyweight work.


What is the prefill tire Assembly?
The Prefill tire assembly is an alternative to foam fill.  The assembly of tire and core is pressed on like a solid tire but it allows for no downtime like foam fill tires. This fill is considered a primary fill in all tires. 
When should I replace cushion tires?
Most cushion tires will have a safety bar on the sidewall to show when they will need replacing.   The reason being is that once the tread reaches that point, 50 percent of the carrying capacity is lost.   For cushion trucks, the tire is the only shock absorber on the truck.  For solid pneumatic tires, that is when all the tread is gone and the tires are completely smooth. 
What is a mobile tire press?
A mobile tire press is a tire press that is mounted on a truck or trailer, which can then come to your location and service your equipment on the spot. 
Are all solid steer tires cost the same?
Not all the tires cost the same, some are cheap some are costly depends on the durability and the quality of the tire..
What is foam fill?
The foam fill is a liquid polyurethane material that is pumped into a tubeless or tube-type tire.  The material goes into the valve stem on the older style pumps and through the sidewalls on the newer pumps.  The foam fill is a two-part material consisting of an A-side and a B-side.  When the two sides are pumped into the tire, the material mixes and cures out for 24-48 hours depending on the outdoor temperature.  The curing process can be sped up in the wintertime by preheating the fill and keeping the tires warm after being pumped.  Air is released during the filling process by drilling a hole through the top of the tire.  Once all of the air has escaped, the tire will be plugged and then pressurized.  The cost of a pump alone is approximately $8,000 for the older model and $48,000 for the newer or current model.
Spoiler title
Yes, the wheel can be reused as long as the wheel has no cracks, damaged stud holes, or any severe damage.


From the information given above, we can hence buy a perfect tire which will be able to suffice all the needs. With different types available across the market there are a plethora of choices, that can be considered before buying.

Right from high-quality tires that can perform heavy extradition work to the lighter tires that can be used for moving of farm and gardens, different tiers serve different purposes.

These tires can be used on both lands and on snow thus increasing their efficiency over the normal tires.

Different tires are meant for serving different purposes ranging from household work to industrial works, all the tires have their own set of pros and cons and this should be considered before buying them.

It is important to glance through all the reviews as some tires may seem like the product that you want to buy, but actually maybe not the suitable one.

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