Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set (Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Looking for Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set? Do you own a good collection of guns that you are proud of? Do you want your guns to be in the best working condition and work smoothly for ages?

If yes, then you should immediately invest in a top-quality gunsmith screwdriver set. To clean and maintain your gun properly, a gunsmith screwdriver is used, which basically disassembles a firearm and for which a regular one doesn’t provide enough precision. 

You might own a gun for various reasons like defense and protection, or if you are in the military, for hunting games, or even a rifle for sports.

No matter which type of firearm you own and use, maintenance is key for your own safety as well as the gun’s safety.

It goes without saying that a variety of gun-specific screwdrivers will be available in the market and a lot of them will claim to be best in terms of performance or quality. You might fall into this trap really easily and end up buying unsatisfactory pieces of junk, but don’t worry here we’ve reviewed and rated the best highest quality, budget-friendly screwdrivers as suggested by ardent users as well as experts which will help you pick the best gunsmith screwdriver set for your precious guns.

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Top 10 Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set to Buy This Year

Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set For Maintaining Your Guns

#1. Lyman Master Gunsmith Multi-Tool Kit

Lyman Master Gunsmith Multi Tool Kit

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This 68-piece Lyman Master Gunsmith multi-tool kit is a complete bits kit perfect for firearms dealing and professional gunsmiths. A complete set in all aspects, it comes with 45 different bits to work with hex screws, slotted screws; which are actually hollow-ground bits that properly fit into screw slots and prevent them from falling out, and Philips screws as well as equipment to work on specialties like weaver scope ring bit, Glock front sight bit and several pin punches.

This tool kit is considered to have the best torque screwdriver and ratchet wench as required for gunsmithing and it provides maximum torque to remove the screws while giving 100% grip. Enclosed in a convenient storage case with a retractable hangtag makes it super compact to store and makes using it a total breeze.

The best part of this set is that it comes with bits for Slotted screws, Hex screws, 6-lobe screws, and Phillips screws


  • Compact design
  • Gives high torque to the screwdriver
  • To work with slotted screws, hollow ground bits are present
  • Provides good grip while working


  • Expensive 
  • Unsatisfactory quality

#2 WEAVER 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit-

WEAVER 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit

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If you own a hunting gun then definitely go for the WEAVER 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit as it is considered the best for setting up a hunting gun. This 88-piece kit has a wide and comprehensive assortment of top-quality professional equipment with magnetic tip drivers to ensure long-lasting performance and make your work easier. Includes several different sized steel punches to accommodate a variety of pins and work well for any heavy-duty jobs. Enough interchangeable screw bits are given to unscrew the common gun screws and a brass hammer is provided as well to give all that extra comfort while working, along with precision.

The amazing magnetic feature the screwdriver set has is such an immense advantage that cannot be underestimated as it just attracts any small screw or pin without losing it and if this doesn’t make your work a lot easier then I don’t know what does. Although the warranty is a little questionable for how versatile and unique the product is, you can go ahead and purchase it with confidence. 

This kit by Weaver is one of the most precise screwdriver kit that is available in the market, with total 88 piece of drivers this kit is versatile and can be used for any firearms and gunsmithing process.


  • Gives high performance
  • Includes smiting equipment for hunting guns
  • High-quality hammer and steel punch set
  • Easy to use & lightweight


  • Hammer not constructed well
  • Expensive without a warranty

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#3. Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

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Wheeler as a brand is renowned when it comes to making hardware and equipment and when it comes to the question of the gunsmith screwdriver set, hands down, the Wheeler’s 89 piece set is considered the best. Highly appropriate for performing any tasks related to gunsmithing or engineering, because it is provided with various bits appropriate for Speciality, Philips, Allen, and Torx screws. It also includes 54 hollow ground bits which have a concave shape and enable easy insertion into the screw slot to gain maximum contact.

As we know, these bits are the heart of any screwdriver set thus these are manufactured from certain S2 tool steel which ensures that the bits are quite durable. To enhance comfort and usability, this set comes with two non-slip over-molded plastic handles which will give that extra comfort to your wrists while working. A very good kit and highly recommended to lose or fit any nuts slots, these are tested on a variety of firearms and will work well on your modern or antique guns. 

If we talk about usability this kit is the most practical kit, it’s Hollow-ground bits that have a concave shape allow for insertion all the way into the screw slot for maximum contact and provides efficient insertion and operations.


  • Huge variety of bits
  • Steel made tools
  • Good grip structure
  • The plastic handle is over-molded


  • Not glued properly and breaks easily
  • Non-magnetic

#4. Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set-

Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set

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The Grace Gun Care screwdriver set is something you should go for if you are looking for an original set manufactured by a leading company. Although this set consists only of 8 pieces it isn’t very vast unlike the other sets, but each screwdriver is custom hollow ground to fit scope screws, guard screws, plug screws, and floor plate with a tolerance of +/- 0.002.

The screwdriver’s square shanked blades are made of a Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy with a finishing of black oxide and are hardened ensuring its durability and allowing it to be used for heavy-duty jobs. Maine hardwood is used to make the toolset handles which permits a robust grip and makes it non-slippery. Tested and checked for quality, this kit will give precise results and last you for ages.

If you have other uses also other than the gunsmithing this kit is ideal for woodworking, industrial, and mechanical needs, so investing in this kit comes with many benefits.

Even you can get this tool for competly free if you apply for Amazon Visa Rewards card and get approved, so win win from every side.


  • Hollow ground
  • Suitable for several applications
  • Handle made of Maine hardwood
  • Highly durable square shanked blades 


  • Handle and the head is fixed
  • Not magnetic

#5. Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set-

Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

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Winchester is quite a reputed firearm manufacturing company and that’s why the screwdriver set produced by the brand is quite trustable. The Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is extremely compact, reliable, and superior quality-wise as compared to screwdriver sets from other brands. It is a versatile kit with an injection-molded case that includes a variety of bits like Hex, Philips, Start, Clutch, and quite a few others made of soft mild steel material with a magnetic tip which not only makes the operation precise but also fairly easy.

If a compact good quality screwdriver set that is highly portable is your requirement and the ability to clean a large range of guns is your priority then you should invest in this set as it will maintain your guns without leaving any scratches or damaging them.


  • Compact and small 
  • The case is doubly injected and form-fitted
  • Well-constructed handle 
  • Each driver has a magnetic tip and is custom molded


  • Bits are built from very soft and mild steel
  • Low magnetic power

#6. Wheeler Space Saver Screwdriver Set-

Wheeler Space Saver Screwdriver Set

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A screwdriver set that has a variety of drivers and is ultra-compact? Yes, please. This Wheeler Space Saver gunsmithing screwdriver set might take up very little space on your workbench and leaves space for bulkier, more essentials tools without compromising on its utility. Contains a comprehensive set of 28 steel bits which is less than half in size as compared to competitor sets but it will meet almost all, if not all gunsmithing requirements as it has all the crucial bits.

The bits are highly suitable for unscrewing Philips, hex, and Torx screws quite easily. A feature that sets this apart is a magnetic handle which not only is perfectly sized but also satisfies all your gunsmithing needs and makes holding onto the handle comfortable and letting you work without any slipping. This accessory is recommended to be great for maintaining, customizing, and repairing general firearms especially if you are on the go.

Wheeler as a brand is leader in making this type of kits and comes with proper optic tools and alignment, so you are sure what you are doing and in control with this tool.


  • Handles are made from molded plastic
  • Variety of bits included
  • Bits work with a large range fasteners
  • The magnetic bit holder features a smart touch 


  • Bits are really fragile
  • Poor case quality

#7. Pachmayr 03085 Master Gunsmith Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Set-

Pachmayr 03085 Master Gunsmith Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Set

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The Pachmayr Master Gunsmith Set which is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer of gunsmithing tools and equipment consists of a total of only 10 pieces that are designed in a new manner that’s highly optimized for utility and ruggedness. Like other similar kits, this one also gives you all those super tough hollow ground tips which are magnetized and these not only make your job easy but also quite fast. Each driver comprises a through shaft covered with a steel striking cap to give it maximum strength and durability.

To provide additional torque and comfort, the drivers come with polymer-coated handles that allow more grip while working. I know that 10 pieces sound too less but these are the generic ones that most gun owners and gunsmiths use to fix most of their firearms. Well organized and enclosed in a sturdy stand, these have easy accessibility and let you clean and disassemble your guns in peace.


  • Magnetized and hollow ground tips
  • Comes in most commonly used sizes
  • Made for rough use
  • Optimized in a fashion to provide maximum torque


  • Toolbox not sturdy 
  • Very few specialty tips

#8. Chapman MFG 9600DT Set

Chapman MFG 9600DT Desert Tan Starter Slotted Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

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A few things we expect out of a good gunsmith screwdriver set are good quality, versatility, and durability. Well, this Chapman MFG 9600DT comes from the well-known Chapman brand where all the products are made from USA tool steel, are hand-assembled, and inspected strongly. Provides you with 2 Philips bits and up to 12 hollow ground bits of varying thicknesses and widths that you would need to disassemble any firearm for maintenance and repair purposes.

You might wonder how is this kit versatile with only a few drivers available, but a cool feature is that all tools are fully interchangeable, which lets you enjoy up to 125 permutations and combinations, a feature that is unavailable in most other sets. Each kit piece is coated with a rust inhibitor which is black oxide and this prolongs life. Versatile in all aspects, you can use this for any firearm, military rifle, and even sewing machine, this is one set that honestly has negligible negative reviews.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Case designed for durability
  • Hollow ground bits with a data card
  • Thoughtfully designed and top quality


  • A small number of drivers
  • Common bits available only


There are 2 types of gunsmith screwdriver sets available out there which you can choose depending on the type of firearm, precision, durability, ease of use, and budget.

Whatever you do, you MUST go for a special gunsmith screwdriver only regardless of whether you are using it for reparation, modification, or custom building of the gun as the regular screwdrivers can absolutely ruin your expensive firearm by leaving scratches on the edges of your guns.

The first type is a Fixed Blade Screwdriver which is also known as a regular screwdriver which is good but not as amazing in terms of precision and efficiency and will make you fumble a little. 

The second type is Magnetic tip Screwdrivers and those are considered the gods of screwdrivers used for gun cleaning these give ultimate efficiency and precision when it comes to any task regarding the maintenance of your gun.

They also come with interchangeable bits and heads as well as a hollow handle. An added advantage it has is that they attract any small screw orbit so you won’t end up losing them.


If you are a professional gunsmith or even a gun enthusiast and owner, you would have realized by now that your gunsmith screwdriver has innumerable uses. And to those who are new to gun ownership, I am going to tell you this now.

This tool is one of the MUST HAVES as it is so versatile and especially if you have the right one, you are good to go. Regardless of the fact, whether you own a firearm as a homicide detective, a  guard, a soldier, for general defense, for hunting, for sport, or just for general protection, you should remember that maintenance is key. Repairing the gun or cleaning or just customizing it requires disassembling which by no means should be done by any random screwdriver even in times of emergency.

As a gun owner, you should love your gun and respect it, and know-how sensitive every part is which can get ruined so easily if specialized tools aren’t used. These sets include multiple drivers that can fit a range of firearms and different bits that are included in the set. In case your screwdrivers have a magnetic tip, consider your life so much easier.

These sets can include anywhere from a small number of drivers and bits to a large one; generally, most have the ones designed for common guns and the larger sets tend to have tools as required by some specialized guns.


  • Durability is undoubtedly the first factor you should consider before buying a gunsmith screwdriver. Nothing is more important than a top-quality driver as a flimsy one is so disappointing and a waste of money. So the first thing you have to check is the material that it is constructed from; quality materials, for example, a steel alloy that is heat-treated is generally preferred. As these alloys include an Iron component in them, they could rust eventually thus you also need to ensure that the material has rust-resistant properties or it is coated with black oxide. A durable set is definitely a lifetime investment.
  • A number of bits: this is the second most important feature to consider and depends solely on the number of guns you own and the job you will carry out on them, a clear picture of which you should have already as this will help you choose the appropriate set that includes all the tools and bits which will just aid with your work. While checking the length of individual screwdrivers it is best to go for a set that has a perfect combination of short and long screwdrivers for utmost convenience. 
  • Cost: this is a personal but key factor you have to consider. If you purchase a set that is extremely cheap, it may not have a warranty and could end up being extremely flimsy. You also have to brush away the notion that you can’t get a top-quality gunsmith screwdriver set without breaking your bank balance. It is obvious that your process of choosing should include extensive research and setting a budget beforehand. This way you will end up selecting a good quality set that is not only great performance-wise, but also budget-wise.
  • Comfortable Handle: as it goes with most tools, you cannot achieve precision in your work with your tools unless you are comfortable using them. While looking out for other factors, also check whether the screwdrivers have a comfortable handle for you to hold on to without losing your grip even under tense situations or when your fingers are very sweaty. 


I have stressed this enough and will continue doing so on the topic that a gunsmith screwdriver set is extremely important for the maintenance of your gun.

Not everyone knows this but, it is advised not to use any random, rusted, and old screwdriver while working with guns. These screwdrivers are purpose-built to help you with your gun repairing and modification when correctly used.

Screw drivers that are specially designed for gunsmithing have beveled, tapered heads that allow them to support and fit in all screws found in most firearms. They are built in such a manner that they won’t cause any damage to the slot edges of your gun or scratch the finishing.

Besides owning the right screwdriver set you also need to know how to use it and be skilled or practice enough to get the best results. When used correctly, these special screwdrivers will take care of your job without any struggles, whether it is modifying a gun to improve performance, repairing any damaged part, or even building your own weapon by yourself. 


You must be wondering how it matters if I use a common screwdriver for my gun. At the end of the day, a screwdriver is a screwdriver, and all screwdrivers are the same, no big deal. Well, I’m sorry to burst this bubble but your assumption is totally wrong. Common household screwdrivers are not at all designed to unscrew the precision screws used on guns and these may slip readily and scratch your gun or strip heads.

The gunsmith screwdriver set is designed solely for the purpose of unscrewing guns, as opposed to normal screwdrivers which can definitely damage your gun permanently. Some features and designing aspects that are considered while manufacturing these extraordinary screwdrivers are that it has a well tapered and beveled head which not only fits into the firearm’s screw heads appropriately but also gives satisfactory results.

A gunsmith screwdriver is properly designed only when it actually makes your job easier while working on the gun and it prevents slot edges of your gun from being damaged or scratching the finish of the gun.

A good screwdriver set will always make your disassembling and assembling task easier because the features are such that they will help the tool fit in your hands perfectly and enable you to perform the job effectively while you apply negligible strength. Please don’t disregard the importance of a gunsmith screwdriver and it is advised to invest in one while buying the firearm so that you are fully equipped.


How should I go about using the screwdriver without damaging my gun?
This process of using a gunsmith screwdriver and working on your gun might seem a little intimidating at first but if you follow these steps you needn’t worry. Out of the large variety of screwdrivers present in your kit, choose only the one which fits in the screw slot both width and thickness-wise. To speed up your job, you might tend to over-torque the screwdriver which is something that should be avoided at any cost. Hold your screwdriver only with your hands instead of using any other tool and also follow this thumb rule: In case of small screws use only your thumb accompanied by your first two fingers and for large screws or scope mounting, use your entire hand should be fine. While applying pressure see that you only apply it in a downward manner and that you don’t end up tilting your screwdriver as that will give the wrong result and complicate your job.
What are the most essential things which determine how good the set might be?
With the large variety of sets available that can confuse you, something I would suggest is that start by checking the quality of the bits and ensure that they are made from hardened tool steel and have an anti-rust mechanism. In the case of plastic parts ensure that they are durable. While your account for the quality, do check that quantity-wise the number of bits that are available in the set are as per your firearm and choice. A little extra didn’t harm anyone, so if you are unclear about the matter, an elaborate set is always a good idea so that it can be a one-time investment and to provide for any further guns you might include in your collection. Lastly, even though you might not consider the brand for other products, but it is a good suggestion to choose a good, trusted, and renowned brand when it comes to any metal tool including screwdrivers so that you don’t end up with any flimsy bits that are fragile. These 3 things are always an indication of how useful, versatile, and durable the set might be.
As a beginner, what precautions should I take before using a gunsmith screwdriver?
Using a gunsmith screwdriver is no rocket science; it is just like using a regular one while paying a little extra caution to ensure that your task is done properly. First, make sure that the screw slot is entirely clean without any debris like dirt, rust, dried lubricant being present which might restrict the entry of the slot. If there are corrosion signs surrounding the screw area, apply a lubricant to simplify your work. Now, unavoidable steps regarding your personal safety that you should take are that always put on your safety glasses before starting any gun repair work and check that your firearm is stationery and properly secured before you start work on it because otherwise, it can be dangerous.
What does “hollow ground” mean with respect to gunsmith screwdrivers?
One comes across this phrase quite often while looking for gunsmith screwdriver sets or while reading reviews about them. To put it down really simply, it means that the tip is ground to provide a tapered and beveled shape to allow extremely accurate sizing. A hollow-ground tool tends to be quite fragile which is a drawback but it is so suitably designed and in such an accurate fashion that they tend to be of utmost importance while disassembling, reassembling, or just fixing any part of your gun.


You must have realized by now that a gunsmith screwdriver set will always aid you whether you are a hunter, shooter, professional gunsmith, or just an enthusiast.

A good quality set can do wonders for you when it comes to maintenance, modifications, and repairs and you can do the job for free by yourself instead of depending on a gunsmith who will charge you a hefty amount. Picking the perfect set depends entirely on your requirements and budget. Although extensive sets might seem more appealing, you can go for it if you own a gun collection or are planning to expand the same in the future. Otherwise, there is nothing like the good, old standard set to meet all your basic needs.

If you are investing in your first gunsmith screwdriver set, I hope the above-mentioned reviews have helped you and given you all the details and information that you need and that you can avoid spending your time aimlessly surfing on various search engines or visiting different physical stores. A gunsmith screwdriver set is like a lifetime investment in the overall function and value of your gun collection.

It is a comprehensive asset as required for the looking after of your firearms and it is best if you choose a product that protects your guns from any damage and makes your cleaning and repair tasks easier and faster. After all, now that you have spent a large amount collecting all those guns, a few more bucks spent on a good kit to increase longevity and to improve the functioning of your precious guns is totally worth it!!

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