Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor

Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor in 2022 (Top 10 Reviewed)

Looking for Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor? Auto detailing carpet extractor seems like quite a long and complex term that might confuse you, so let me break this down into simple English so we can understand what exactly an auto detailing carpet extractor actually is. First of all, auto detailing is the process of extensively working and performing operations on a vehicle in a systematic manner to keep your vehicle spick and span. It is a top to bottom thorough cleaning of your car using special products and tools.

Categorized into two types, exterior detailing is all about cleaning and restoring the parts of the car like its finish, tires, wheels, etc. Interior detailing refers to a deep cleaning of the vehicle’s interiors, which can be maintained and cleaning the upholstery as well as polishing some hard surfaces present.

Now that we have clearly understood auto detailing, an auto detailing carpet extractor, sometimes called carpet shampooers are an essential product for the professional detailing business.

We all love going on long drives and getting take-outs in our car, but somehow we end up spilling food or drink and our upholstery is stained which can spoil the interiors of your car, thus requiring a deep clean frequently.

These carpet cleaning machines come in different types and sizes which a user can choose based on their needs. The basic mechanism that these work on is, that they simultaneously apply water and suction to remove all your tough, greasy stains while using water and a special cleaning solution. Equipped with different tanks used for different purposes like holding clean water, collecting dirty water, and cleaning solvent.

As every product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, the pros being carpet extractors really simplify and speed up the cleaning of soiled carpets by lifting dirt with less scrubbing even though these can be bulky, expensive, loud and a poor quality extractor might ruin your carpet. These don’t fall in a low-budget category and can end up being a huge money spender, thus here is a guide and review of some of the best extractors that you can consider to make your buying process easy. 

Top 10 Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor

Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor Reviewed

#1 BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner 2694-

BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

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The Bissell Spot Clean Proheat comes with a special Heatwave technology that is supposed to maintain the water to an optimum temperature while cleaning and has a good tank capacity of 37 ounces.

Equipped with certain specialized tools like the Deep Stain Tool which dispenses cleaning solvent into the deep-set areas of the carpet to remove the set-in stains, the 3 inches Tough Stain Tool which helps cleans up just about any mess, and a special HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool that rinses the hose to eliminate built-up dirt and odor, thus making it an extractor with good cleaning power.

Besides having removable water tanks that make refilling a breeze, this machine checks all the checkboxes in terms of being compact and lightweight hence ensuring using and storing it is hassle-free. 

This comes with a tank capacity of 37 liters and due to its heatwave technology, this particular carpet extractor maintains consistent water temperature while the cleaning process.


  • The small size makes it easy to carry
  • Refilled with ease
  • Simple to use
  • Moderate to good cleaning power


  • Water doesn’t remain heated and leakage issue
  • Not very effective 

#2 Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10-

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extractor Machine

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The Bissell BigGreen Commercial has a wonderful 2 motor design, letting you clean forward and backward as required for commercial deep cleaning. 2 large capacity water tanks come with flow indicators that indicate the water and solution levels, and can be easily removed and refilled as and when required.

Although this product doesn’t come with certain accessories like a hose and handheld cleaner which you have to buy separately, other features like a long power cord, adjustable handles and especially powerful edge-to-edge suction helps commercial deep cleaners do the task right for a great price.  

Two tanks and two motor design helps this carpet extractor perform better than the other extractors, flow indicator, and water level monitoring helps to clean better and achieve better results.


  • Has a double motor
  • Easy refilling and use 
  • Powerful suction 
  • Adjustable handles 


  • Essential accessories like hose and handheld cleaner aren’t included
  • Heavy and inefficient 

#3 Mytee, S-300H Tempo Heated Carpet & Upholstery Extractor-

Mytee S-300H Tempo Heated Carpet & Upholstery Extractor

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This Mytee S-300H Extractor might appear small due to its size, but don’t be mistaken it is a powerhouse in itself with its heater powered at 600 watts and a powerful vacuum that produces 85 inches of water lift to ensure maximum extraction of dirt.

A pretty small tank does require refilling multiple times but the inbuilt water heater that is available makes up for this as it regulates the water temperature by increasing the water temperature when it senses that the water has become a little cool. Perfect for upholstery and spot cleaning this machine is recommended for personal use over professional use.

Under this budget, and in its class it comes with one of the most powerful vacuum motors that helps you to get maximum extraction.


  • Very affordable
  • Includes a heating element 
  • Super compact 
  • Good for spotting


  • Small tank size
  • For personal, not heavy use

#4 Portable Carpet Cleaner Extractor Cleaning Vacuum Machine by Aqua Pro Vac-

Portable Carpet Cleaner Extractor Cleaning Vacuum Machine

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The Aqua Pro Vac is one of the most affordable extractors that are available in the market. Portable, lightweight and quiet, the 110-watt powered vacuum motor and an effective water pump make this machine perfect for spot removal, touch–up cleaning, stairs, and interior of cars where bulky machines probably won’t even fit.

The 3 configurations it comes in which are automotive detailing, spot cleaning, and small area carpet cleaning really make cleaning an easy-breezy process. Even though the heating element is absent, for its price the user is guaranteed a cleaning experience with minimal effort and no strain. 


  • Available in 3 configurations
  • Affordable 
  • Super compact and portable
  • Multipurpose 


  • Low cleaning power
  • No heating element

#5 Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3-

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

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This Bissel Big Green 86T3 Machine is reviewed to be the best auto detailing carpet extractor available for professional and personal use, it fixes anything from dirty car interiors to old stains, hair, poop stains, and even lingering odor.

Although this machine is heavy and not portable it does work frontwards and backward, its large tanks don’t need to be refilled ever so often and its long cord increases range, thus the non-compact nature of this machine doesn’t affect professional use. Bulky and on the expensive side it is a professional commercial cleaner mostly preferred by auto detailing businessmen.

Bissel does make good carpet extractors as well as different accessories to make life easier and if you are a pet lover there is a reason to buy it, Bissel does support many pet foundations and also the product is good so purchase with a cause.


  • Good for heavy-duty professional use
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Heavy-duty suction power 
  • Makes the worst stains vanish


  • Can’t use hot water
  • Leaks and leaves behind some dirt

#6 Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner –

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable, Red

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The Rug Doctor Cleaner features dual cross–action brushes with 10 rows of durable bristles which not only scrub the surface well but reach deep down to leave your carpet spot-free. The Super Boost setting makes sure your heavily soiled areas become very clean.

Not really preferred for professional or heavy uses, but it is so light and maneuverable that it easily reaches those inaccessible areas of your car that are generally out of coverage.

For its price range, this product has the most unique cleaning tools like the extra-wide suction head backed by a powerful suction rate in addition to the easily refillable tanks; and all of this really lets you clean your upholstery without facing any difficulty.

Features like quick-drying, super boost tech helps you to clean areas even that are highly trafficked or soiled, more suction then comparable cleaners helps it to stand out.


  • Very portable
  • Effective cleaning performance
  • Using is easy 
  • Removable tanks


  • No heating
  • Dirty water spills easily

#7 Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC-

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

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This Hoover Extractor comes with a few special technologies and unique features which let you clean conveniently by spraying, scrubbing, and removing all stains. Self-clean technology removes dirt and bacteria built up in the hose by flushing it out after each use. T

These machines act against dirt and microbes, that’s why an Antimicrobial tool is present that prevents mildew, mold, and bacteria from inhabiting the tool. Like other similar machines, a dual tank technology separates clean and dirty water from mixing and the Auto shut feature shuts off the unit as soon as the dirty tank becomes full making your cleaning spill-free and stress-free. Lightweight, portable, and good value for money, you should definitely consider buying this product.


  • Easy to use cleaning unit
  • Good features like Auto shut off
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sucks dirty water fast


  • No heating element
  • Opaque top for the dirty water tank

#8 Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner-

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

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The Bissel 3624 Cleaner is from the amazing brand Bissell which actually makes great products. A powerful and portable stain and spot removing machine, it scrubs on the dirt so well with superior suction that it takes almost no time to get rid of tough stains.

Most pet owners complain about the issue of pets making a huge mess but this machine can fix embedded stains like those so well and one charitable thing this company does is that it supports pet foundations which is just so thoughtful. Comes with a special tool which makes cleaning stairs oh–so – easy and with its long cord this machine has good flexibility. It’s a perfect product for auto detailing as its performance is way more impressive on car upholstery.


  • Most appropriate for auto detailing work 
  • Can remove almost all stains
  • Packaged with special tools and cleaning solvents
  • Cleans up pet accidents real quick


  • Storing might break the handheld brush
  • The machine especially the hose is not durable enough

#9 Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor-

Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor

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The Aqua Power Extractor is an affordable auto detailing carpet extractor that one can use for personal and professional use; it is extremely effective and gets rid of tough stains and super lingering odor with utmost ease for ages because the cleaner’s body is made up of such high quality of cast aluminum and stainless steel both internally and externally that even the heavily used motor and suction stay in shape ensuring longevity.

Platinum-certified by CRI, this cleaner protects the environment by reducing water wastage and energy consumption by almost 50%. Equipped with 2 large wheels makes it ultra mobile and easy to carry with the adjustable handle maintaining the height of the machine, it sure is a convenient buy.  


  • The adjustable handle makes maneuvering easy
  • Long-lasting
  • Huge water tank
  • Requires comparatively less refilling


  • Doesn’t come with appropriate detailing tools
  • Material is not very sturdy

#10 Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B-

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

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The Bissell Cleaner 1400B is another amazing cleaner from Bissell that is portable, lightweight, compact, multipurpose.. the list is endless. This small machine can easily be carried anywhere and the long hose and cord fit snugly around the body of the machine.

The spray and suction are conducted in a single step which makes it handy, but some tough marks and pet accident stains won’t go easily with this and has to be worked on manually. Removable water tanks can be removed easily to refill or dump when it is full.

The fact that it is environmentally safe and made of dye, phosphate, and heavy material free recycled plastic, and also conserves energy is a mentionable feature. All in all, a good investment if you are looking for a compact machine for your auto detailing work.


  • Environmentally Safe
  • Easy orientation
  • The water tank has lines for fill indication
  • Super compact


  • Leakage issue
  • Build up in the dirty water tank makes it messy

Types of Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor:

A variety of auto detailing carpet extractors are available and which type you choose basically depends on how and where you use it. In terms of functionality, it can be heated or non-heated type. Portability and mobility low key depends on the size and if it is corded or not. 

  • Heated and Non–Heated – a heated cleaner can make the car cleaner and disinfect better as they spray hot water solution with dissolved cleaners onto the car upholstery, but are far better when used professionally. A cleaner without a heating element that doesn’t maintain the temperature of the water is basically a non-heated extractor and this is more versatile.
  • Size – the overall size of the cleaner is determined by tank size and area, which can be classified into spotters/portable extractors and box/ tank type where spotters are the smaller type and tanks are the larger type.
  • Power source – these are corded or cordless. The cordless kind is small, handheld, and portable for basic use whereas the corded extractors are used by professional users generally. There also exist machines that can be both.
  • Self- contained – self – contained as the name suggests can work independently and is equipped with a brush on the underside of the machine and the bristles of this brush scrub the carpet for you instead of you doing it with a wand or hose

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor

  • Cleaning Ability: this is the most important factor that you should decide before buying a particular extractor. Generally, if your cleaner is equipped with a vacuum cleaner and pump pressure, the machine tends to perform better. A good thumb rule should be that if your auto detailing extractor can remove dry and wet stains within 12- 15 swipes and soak up hot water and a cleaning solution fast then the product should definitely enter your cart because after all no matter how fancy the other features are, it’s only work is to actually clean up the dirt.
  • Size: The size of the tank of the carpet extractor is directly proportional to the size of the area you will clean as a larger tank will hold more cleaning solutions and make your work easier. When it comes to small areas, a portable carpet extractor works very well with its small tank size of about 1 – 3 gallons. When it comes to large areas with areas around 2,000 square feet a tank-type extractor would be more feasible with tank sizes between 10 – 12 gallons.
  • Budget: as humans, this is the first thought that crosses our minds before buying any product. Compared to buying an expensive product, buying a product that’s worth the price should be a priority. Keeping in mind the fact that an extractor is an electrical machine with heavy components like motors, it will not be available for a dirt-cheap price, even then as a home user something small in the lower range would be good, and as for a professional detailing merchant a bulky, good quality product is an investment that will last you ages.
  • Mobility: if you are an auto detailing your own car, it is a good idea to get a cleaner that is lightweight, small, compact, and can be stowed away easily. Similarly, a larger extractor is more appropriate if you are in the auto detailing industry as you will be using it extensively probably even for cleaning very tough stains. It also makes sense to consider if you want a corded or cordless machine with wheels as that will determine the ease of the portability of the machine
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance: an auto detailing car extractor is used to clean and remove dirt, more often than not you will come across tough stains, food particles, and even pet accident stains which might be a little disgusting. It is therefore important that you keep the extractor also very clean otherwise microbes, molds, and fungi will thrive and a lingering odor may emanate from your machine. Definitely choose a machine with removable tanks, a self-cleaning hose, and a removable reusable filter. A CRI-approved extractor with a long warranty is always a better buy. 


Honestly, preventing anything from spilling in your automobile or a tough stain developing is something we cannot avoid no matter how hard we try. Once the damage is done, our natural instinct is to try cleaning the stain with water and a paper towel or any cloth and we end up spoiling the car upholstery and just making the stain widespread and worse, and no matter how hard we try its an ineffective, time-consuming process.

An auto detailing carpet extractor will do away with dirt and tough stains by treating it with a hot water treatment involving blasting the stain with a solution of water and cleaning solvent at high pressure and a high temperature of about 230 degrees. If you are a pet owner or even a parent of a newborn, your cute family members will somehow always have their excretory accidents when you are in the car, leaving stinky tough stains that you have to get rid of. Your carpet extractor will solve all these problems and remove your deep-set, seemingly impossible-to-remove stains in a quick jiffy.


Before learning how to use the extractor, it is important to learn how the machine works. This cleaner removes dirt and grease from upholstery in a way that can’t be achieved by a basic sponge soaked in soapy water.

A carpet extractor can dissolve any dust, dirt, grime, grease, or stain in a matter of a few seconds. Hot water from the clean water tank, mixed with an extractor soap from the cleaning solution tank is sprayed at the problem area under high pressure to break down all the dirt. This is extracted immediately and the dirty water is sucked into the wastewater tank, leaving your carpet clean and dry.

Manually pre-treating the stains is always advised so that the breaking down process can start and your extractor can perform the job even faster. The steps you need to follow start with mixing water and the cleaning solvent or filling it in the different tanks.

Next, use the machine to blast this solution directly at the mess. After this you need to apply a specific cleaning chemical to the stains, post which you use the machine to extract the dirty water and moisture into the wastewater tank of your machine, thus leaving the fabric very clean. Make sure you clean the difficult-to-reach areas well too.


Should I buy a heated or non-heated cleaner?
As experts suggest a having a heating element in your auto detailing cleaner is more of a choice as opposed to utility, as heated extractors are generally more expensive. They suggest that if you are a professional user and own a detailing service, a heated extractor is probably better because the not water extracts the dirt and grime more effectively thus disinfecting your upholstery better. Though, if you are buying this extractor for multiple uses besides car detailing, for instance, to clean home carpets and stairs, then keeping in mind the color and delicate material of your soft furnishings, the non-heated extractors won’t ruin and shrink your fibers and thus do a better job. 
How often is auto detailing actually required?
Periodic detailing is recommended to remove deeply embedded stubborn stains and to look after your car upholstery, extend its longevity, and maintain a healthy, germ-free environment inside your car. Generally, the exterior of the car faces harsh conditions and gets dirtier, so that gets cleaned very frequently. Most users get detailing done once a year but actually, every 1-3 months is right. The most obvious advice is to get a spill or mess extracted as soon as possible so that the stain doesn’t become tougher and permanent as those are quite difficult to extract.
Which size of extractor should I use?
As we have seen above, auto detailing carpet extractors come in 2 types according to their size, namely the portable type, and the box type, and the one you choose depends directly on the size and intensity of the area you have to clean. Small capacity tanks are perfect to clean small areas and upholstery or for multi-purpose use and this constitutes the canister-like spotters/ portable carpet extractor which come with a cord and are very good for emergency clean-ups and personal use. On the other hand, extractors that are equipped with a hose and wand attachment are bigger ones used for heavy-duty cleaning of large areas up to 2000 square feet and come with tanks with a capacity of 10 – 12 gallons are the box types that are suitable for professional use.
Are there any alternatives for carpet extractors?
Yes. Getting an auto detailing carpet extractor can be an investment and commitment you could not be ready for yet. An alternative would be visiting a professional auto detailer for their services but if you are looking for a cheaper and easier alternative, you could consider getting a spot–cleaning tool that can clean your stains even in difficult areas. Smaller and more affordable, They spray pressurized steam to clean and use air compressors. Handheld portable steamers are a good alternative too as they give better cleaning power and are more affordable. However, with really good and helpful features a carpet extractor works the best.


Auto detailing carpet extractor is a versatile device when it comes to maintaining your automobile well. These extractors can do wonders because of their cleansing process which involves spraying high-pressure water at the car upholstery using high suction and pump power leaving it spot-free.

It is always a good idea to get your car thoroughly detailed by a professional detailer, but if you choose to invest in an extractor, the products reviewed above as well as the FAQs should certainly help you decide. A key rule you must follow while cleaning your car is that start with cleaning the car seat first and then the floor, otherwise, dust from other places will collect on the floor and you have to clean it again.

As a home user, you can definitely opt for one of the multipurpose models that can be used for car interiors in addition to carpets and rugs present in your home. An extractor will ensure your work becomes faster and easier, making it hassle-free and mess-free especially if you choose the right machine in terms of size, portability, etc.

Finally, it is important to conclude by mentioning that the extractor will restore the original look of your automobile interiors, extend its life and make sure you have a nice, clean, germ-free, safe, and healthy environment inside your car.

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